Design and manufacture of training benches for industrial and mobile hydraulics.

Setting up an IO-Link test bench for MIOP and MSPC training courses

Watch our partner IFM’s video of the start-up for students at Lycée Saint-Exupéry.

ID System has been equipping schools and training centers since 2009

We design and manufacture hydraulic training benches from A to Z, whether or not coupled with operating parts.

Students from a wide range of fields related to hydraulics, including agricultural equipment, agricultural machinery, hydraulic maintenance, mechanics, aerospace and naval engineering, will be able to gain a practical understanding of hydraulics.

The advantage for students: they can interact as if they were working on real machines from the manufacturers of industrial machinery and vehicles.

ID System is the official distributor of Automation Studio™ software.

What is Automation Studio™?

Famic Technologies Inc, a Canadian pioneer in fluid technology and industrial automation design and simulation software, has developed this internationally recognized software for technical and vocational training.

Automation Studio™ is used by thousands of schools around the world to train tomorrow’s technicians and engineers, and is aimed at all levels: from high school to university, including IUTs and engineering schools as well as Adult Training Centers (CFAI, AFPI, etc.).


Our expertise in hydraulics for education and training

A complete range of custom-built training benches, operating parts, cases and teaching aids.

Our teaching equipment is truly innovative, and in total correlation with our customers’ applications and technical constraints. The aim is to understand the needs of teachers and trainers so that they can use reliable, educational and entertaining material.

On some of our teaching benches, we integrate Automation Studio™, a software used by thousands of schools around the world to train tomorrow’s technicians and engineers and is aimed at all levels.

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Why use an in-house design department to design a trainer?

Why use an in-house design department to design a trainer?

timeBelow the didactic equipment lies a titanic feat of engineering. It's hard to imagine all the work and energy that goes into designing machines that will be used by learners and trainers/teachers. Every day, these engineers come up with new concepts or improve...

Video of the aeronautical bench

Design and manufacture of a custom-built training bench

ID System Didactic is a kind of bridge between industry and the world of education, because we realize that today it’s very difficult to recruit future employees who will be immediately employable to meet our requirements. So it’s only natural that we should offer the students who will be our future employees teaching benches that are very close to our traditional production processes.

It’s very important for us to act as a link between industry, machine manufacturers and the French Ministry of Education or training centers.
Our credo at ID System: to pass on our experience and technological knowledge so that our students, at the end of their training, are in tune with today’s global hydraulics market.


Hydraulics professionals create equipment for hydraulics training

Hydraulic training benches

Hydraulic training benches

ID System focuses on innovation and pedagogical thinking in the design of its industrial and mobile hydraulics training equipment. Students are trained in a fun, hands-on way, just like on real machines.

Discover our educational benches >

Operating parts and didactic systems

Operating parts and didactic systems

The operating parts presented here are scale models of industrial machines (stamping presses) or parts of mobile machines. They can be used as stand-alone units or in conjunction with a pedagogical trainer to provide a better understanding of certain functions.

Discover our operative parts >

Automation Studio software

Automation Studio™ software for training in mechatronic technologies

It is used by thousands of schools around the world to train the technicians and engineers of tomorrow: from high schools to universities, including IUTs and engineering schools, as well as adult training centers (CFAI, AFPI, etc.).

Discover the pedagogical interface >

When you choose ID System, you benefit from A to Z support for your hydraulics and didactics projects. It’s the guarantee of a high-performance, committed team and a professional, personalized relationship.

Everything changes, especially in the context of globalization. You need to be flexible, curious and proactive. ID System is a flexible, dynamic company.

Mickaël Langlais, Industrial Director – ID System
Mickaël Langlais - ID System
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