Particle counters CPH2O-PO with wifi

CPH2O-PO – Portable Water & particle counter.

Simple, quick diagnostic of particle contamination.

Particle and moisture counter. Hand-held unit with WiFi.

Product description

Simple, quick diagnostic of particle contamination

The CPH2O-PO is a hand-held device for measurement of oil pollution and water content.

It allows simple, quick diagnostic of the particle contamination of a hydraulic installation.

Equipped with a laser detection cell for particle counting and with a digital display, this device will inform you of the cleanliness of your fluid as per NAS or ISO standards.

Completely standalone with its pump, battery and memory, it can be used to analyse hydraulic oils and hydrocarbons.

An internal memory offers the option of recording your analyses.

A hand-held device operating with Wi-Fi, equipped with a pump, battery and internal memory, offering the option of recording your analyses.

This equipment completes our didactic benches and systems and isessential for maintenance training.

We already equip a large number of training centres, primary and secondary schools, and university institutes of technology (IUTs). We invite you to contact us so that we can define your needs together.

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