Off line Filtration station GFM40

GFM40 mobile unit

The GFM40 mobile unit allows transfer and decontamination of hydraulic fluids. The hydraulic circuits quickly attain the cleanliness levels required by the component manufacturer (servo-valve, proportional or On/Off valve).

Product description

Cleanliness levels quickly attained

This filtering unit is equipped with suction and delivery hoses allowing quick start-up of the station.

The particle counter supplied (as an option) allows identification of the cleanliness class at the start of processing, and stopping of the station when the target ISO (or NAS) code is attained. You can monitor in real time the cleanliness level obtained by your filtering unit thanks to the user-friendly software.

This tool is easy to use. Measurements can be analysed and processed using this software, and transferred to the computer to facilitate reading. With a flow of 40 lpm, this station can be equipped with a 5, 7 or 10 µm Beta1000 filter.

You can complete it by an optional particle counter.
It can be painted in the colours and with the logo of your company.

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