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Hydraulic failure detection kit

Simulation of maintenance actions and failures detection
Introduce failures onto a didactic bench or an operative part and ask your students to conduct a diagnostic.
The pedagogical kit contains components that have been made defective in order to simulate maintenance actions.

Product description

Introduce failures. Make the right diagnostic.

The hydraulic failure detection kit contains a set of defective hydraulic components. The pedagogical aim is to introduce failures onto the SHCO hydraulic bench so as to conduct diagnostic activities.

All the failures that we have reproduced are common malfunctions and the result of our industrial experience. Each defective component is visually identical to the component installed in series on the SHCO bench.

Examples of failures produced:

  • Pressure limiter without needle making it impossible to build up pressure.
  • Flow limiter without spring making it impossible to limit flow rate.

We already equip a large number of training centres, primary and secondary schools, and university institutes of technology (IUTs). We invite you to contact us so that we can define your needs together.

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