Industry 4.0: What about in hydraulics?

Does the industry of the future or industry 4.0 refer you?

The media is just talking about it. The subject 4.0 multiplied quickly.

This concept, first discussed at the Hanover Messe in 2011, expresses the idea that companies and factories are able to allocate more efficiently their human resources and production means. They can therefore be ultra flexible.

Is this a simple trend or are we experiencing a new industrial revolution?

In that case, it would be the 4th.

So let’s talk about it in details.

What is Industry 4.0?

Faced with the acceleration of digital, robotics, Internet and automation technologies, industrial companies have been flooded by the tsunami of new technologies.

We then entered into a new stage, a new era.

You’ve certainly heard about Artificial Intelligence or IOT (Internet Of Things).

It’s a reality. Machines are developed very quickly to meet new needs and requirements.

Industrialists must then apply some self-analysis and look to the future differently. Should they invest in a digital transformation to incorporate new technologies and not miss the opportunity?

It all depends on their sector of activity but this has a profound effect on the industry. We always want more performance, optimize all processes, and valuate actual data…

But where is men’s position? We should not put aside the human and should always stand for providing trainings. Advance intelligently towards to technical progress!

The industrial revolutions

Our point of view about the 4th industrial revolution

Here you are :

  • The 1st Industrial Revolution introduced water & steam power for mechanical manufacturing.
  • The 2nd used electric power for mass production.
  • The 3rd used electronics and IT for automation manufacturing.

Now a 4th Industrial Revolution, building on the 3rd, based on Cyber-Physical Systems has been occurring since the middle of the last century.

5 things to know about coming Fourth Industrial Revolution :

  1. The speed of current changes has no historical precedent.
  2. New manufacturing technologies will move to mass personalization.
  3. Self-optimization, self-configuration, Self-diagnosis will increase reliability and improve overall quality of production.
  4. Connected machines and plants will allow for just-in time maintenance and gain near zero downtime.
  5. The march towards Fourth Industrial Revolution will need new highly skilled workers.

Smart industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), Massive Data Storage, Cyber Physical System and 3D printing are developments that could afford to redistribute the manufacturing area in the world. If countries and their governments are ready for this challenge, they could make major gains out of this.

Universities and schools should prepare their students and training facilities for these changes.

What’s happening in Hydraulics sector?

For the Hydraulics as well great upheavals will happen in the coming years: multi-stage hydraulic pumps with possibility to be upgraded control of the hydraulics by electronics, remote control systems, wireless sensor, self diagnostic…

​As specialist in hydraulic trainings and equipments, we adapt our training programs and equipments to these revolutions, e.g. Poclain hydraulic pump with its software “PHASES” installed on our BHT3 hydrostatic transmission bench; Proportional hydraulics/Bus can courses available…

In this environment our SHCO 4.0 bench is a major breakdown on the hydraulic training market. The newest version 4.0 which integrates an HMI touch panel and a remote control application gives us another 5 years ahead in this field.

And the best is to come …

Auteur Thierry Vernay
Written by Thierry Vernay

Specialist in fluid filtering, decontamination and purification solutions at ID System Fluid, I find solutions for all your complex technical problems.

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