On-site commissioning in France and worldwide

Personalized support and training for teaching equipment

Start-up of teaching equipment

ID System Didactic expands its export business!

ID System Didactic offers its products nationwide. But that’s not all. We have the logistical and human resources to export our products worldwide and train training professionals in the use of our educational equipment.

And with good reason. We’re no novices in this field. We are pursuing our development by offering our products and know-how for export through our ID System Export brand.

We have already sold and commissioned training benches, operating parts and filtration solutions in Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Senegal.

We don’t abandon our customers after the purchase. We accompany and train the professionals concerned on site to get their brand-new teaching equipment up and running.

Equipment commissioning by Fabien, Hervé, Thierry, Mickaël, Rodrigue and Jean-François in France and abroad

SHCO 4.0 with or without an operating part

Test bench commissioning in Dubai

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Dubai (Dewa Academy): SHCO 4.0 coupled to telescopic crane bench

Start-up of a teaching bench at the CFAI in Bruges

FRANCE – CFAI de Bruges : SHCO 4.0

Starting up a teaching bench at Lycée Narcée

FRANCE – Lycée Narcée: SHCO 4.0

SHCO coupled or not with an operating part

Start-up of didactic bench at IUT Villeurbanne

FRANCE – IUT Villeurbanne : SHCO

Start-up of a teaching bench at the Lycée Fontaine de Vé

FRANCE – Lycée Fontaine de Vé: SHCO and control panel coupled to telescopic crane bench (nacelle)

Starting up a trainer in Senegal

SENEGAL (Saint-Louis) – Lycée technique André Peytavin: SHCO

BHT3 coupled or not with an SHDH operating part

Start-up of the training bench at Promeo Formation

FRANCE – Promeo Formation: BHT3 coupled with SHDH operative part

Setting up a teaching bench at Lycée Issac Poitiers

FRANCE – Lycée ISSAC de Poitiers : BHT3


Start-up of didactic bench at IUT Toulon

FRANCE – IUT de Toulon: BHI4 proportional

Setting up a teaching bench at CCI Nice

FRANCE – CCI de Nice : BHI4

Start-up of the teaching bench at the CIN

FRANCE – Naval Training Center at Saint-Mandrier : BHI4

Start-up of the didactic bench at Lycée Le Chesnois

FRANCE – Lycée Le Chesnois à Bains-les-Bains : BHI4

Starting up a trainer in Morocco

MOROCCO (Settat) – Mohammed VI School: BHI4

Made in France” equipment and international partnerships

We are able to offer our customers “Made In France” equipment thanks to our production resources (integrated production tool, engineering, boiler making, connectors, cylinder manufacturing, etc.) spread over 5 French sites. Thanks to the high standards of our various departments, we have total autonomy and can react quickly to your needs.

ID System is an official French partner of FAMIC, creator of the AUTOMATION STUDIO™ educational software. This software brings together learning solutions for the following technologies: mechatronics, automation, electrical and hydraulic-pneumatic. This collaboration enables us to extend our range of teaching solutions by linking AS software and our training benches via an OPC link.

We already equip numerous training centers, high schools and IUTs. We invite you to contact us so that we can define your needs together.

Mickaël Langlais - ID System