Stand-alone or manually-operated parts

Understanding hydraulic principles

Optional didactic benches
ID System Didactic offers optional benches which may or may not be connected to the training benches. We commonly call them operating parts. They are either stand-alone or manually operated.

Each trainer integrates components from well-known brands and features different functions. For example, students can simulate the automatic cycle of a die-forging press, reproduce the movement of an aerial work platform or telescopic crane, or learn about hydrostatic transmission and steering.

SHDH bench

SHDH bench

Understand the principles of hydrostatic steering.
Complete hydrostatic transmission and steering. It must be connected to the BHT3 trainer to operate.

Crane bench PO-GT-API V2

Stand-alone version: Similar to a real industrial system.
Replica of a free-standing telescopic crane. On/Off hydraulics with Programmable Logic Controller – PLC.

Stand-alone PO-GT-API V2 bench

Personalized support

The special feature of our didactic operating parts is that they are industrial and mobile, and look like real machines. Students are trained using the same components found on machine manufacturers’ equipment.

In this respect, our BHT3 test bench coupled with the SHDH operating unit is ideally suited to mobile hydraulics training. They are designed for both theoretical and practical teaching. Students will learn more about a complete hydrostatic transmission and steering system in a fun way.

Bench PO-GT-V3 Manual

Crane bench PO-GT-V3

Manual version: Materialization of hydraulic functions.
Telescopic crane operating section. On/Off hydraulics with manual control. It has no hydraulic power unit and must be connected to a SHCO or BHI4 trainer to operate.

Platform bench SHBN

Reproduce hydraulic movements.
Represents an articulating boom lift. TOR, Proportional.

SHBP aerial workbench
SHBP press bench

SHBP press bench

Simulate an automatic stamping cycle.
Simulate the automatic cycle of a die-forging press.