Operative parts, telescopic crane & didactic systems

Understand hydraulic principles

operative parts hydraulic didactic equipments

ID System Didactic proposes optional benches connected or not to the didactic benches. We commonly refer to these benches as operative parts. They are either standalone or controlled manually.

Each training bench is equipped with famous brand components and has different functionalities related to hydraulics. For example, students can simulate the automatic cycle of a forging press, reproduce the movement of an aerial work platform or a telescopic crane, or understand hydrostatic and steering transmissions with our didactic range.

shdh bench

SHDH bench

Understand the principles of a hydrostatic steering.
Operative part SHDH Hydrostatic drive & wheel motor. Should be connected to the BhT3 bench for operation.

PO-GT-API V2 Telescopic crane training bench (standalone version)

Similar to a real industrial system.
Telescopic crane training benches equipped with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

po gt v2 standalone version

Personalized support

The particularity of our didactic operative parts is that they are intended for industrial and mobile use and that they look like real machines. Students are trained with the same components as those found on manufacturers’ machine equipment.

As such, our BHT3 bench coupled with the SHDH operative part is ideally dedicated to mobile hydraulic training.

These devices are designed for theoretical but above all hands-on training.

Students will further their knowledge of complete hydrostatic steering and transmission in a recreational manner.

po gt v3 manual version

PO-GT-V3 Telescopic crane training bench (manual version)

Materialization of hydraulic functions.
Telescopic crane training benches equipped with Manual Control. Should be connected to the SHCO or BHI4 bench for operation.

SHBN nacelle bench

Reproduce the hydraulic movements.
Aerial work platform miniaturization – On-Off, Proportional.

nacelle bench
press bench

SHBP Hydraulic press bench

Simulate an automatic forging cycle.
Practical exercices of automatic or manual cycle in a hydraulic press.

Pedagogical folders included
Integrated software on some didactic equipments