Training guide and hands-on exercises for hydraulic training

Exercise books and corrections. Educational folder.

training guide and exercises workbook

All our didactic benches and operative parts are delivered with an instruction and technical manual, and with exercise books and corrections.
These hands-on exercises, devised by professionals and teachers, are conform to applicable reference schemes. They are only examples that we have chosen.

Educational folder

  • Exercise books and corrections
  • Hands-on work and summaries drafted by teachers
  • Educational film for the SHCO bench
  • Hydraulic Engineer’s pocket book

Technical folder on USB stick and printed version

  • Declaration of conformity
  • Equipment bill of material
  • Control and hydraulic test sheet
  • Equipment description
  • Safety instructions
  • Commissioning and operating instructions
  • Maintenance and inspection instructions
  • Appendix:
    • Hydraulic diagrams
    • Electrical diagrams
    • Component technical datasheets

Examples of hands-on work and exercises (excerpts)

Hands-on exercises on the Standalone POGT (telescopic crane Operative Part) – Crane operation

Hands-on exercises on the BHI4 – Flow limiter operation

Hands-on exercises on the SHCO v2 – Pressure limiter operation

Hands-on exercises on setting constant flowrate and speed

Examples of instruction manuals (excerpts)

The instruction manuals and technical documentation for:

  • SHCO v2 didactic bench
  • BHI4 pedagogical façade bench
  • SHBN elevating platform bench and its control desk
  • SHBN elevating platform bench coupled with a hydraulic didactic bench
  • SHBP press bench
  • BHT3 didactic benchcoupled with the SHDH operative part
  • Industrial proportional kit
  • POGT standalone telescopic crane bench
  • SHDH operative part

Examples of cabling procedures (excerpts)

Cabling procedures:

  • industrial proportional kit
  • proportional rack


Extract from the content of the training video delivered with the SHCO didactic bench


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