Hydraulic training benches

Fun, hands-on learning

Hydraulic training benches
ID System Didactic offers highly innovative hydraulic training benches in line with market expectations and the needs of our customers: training professionals.

What’s more, our trainees need to use standard components so that by the end of their training, they can easily identify all the products on the market. That’s why our training aids are equipped with components from well-known, recognized and latest-generation brands.

SHCO-V2 bench

SHCO bench

Understand industrial and mobile hydraulics.
Open-circuit, On/Off and/or proportional hydraulic test benches with PVG32.

SHCO 4.0 bench

4.0: digital is here.
Control it directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

SHCO-4-0 bench

Support from A to Z

For several years now, we have been designing and manufacturing our hydraulic training benches from A to Z. They are truly innovative and in total correlation with the applications and technical constraints we are asked to meet by our customers.

The aim is to understand the needs of teachers and trainers so that they can use reliable, educational and entertaining material. Students from a wide range of fields related to hydraulics, including agricultural equipment, agricultural machinery, hydraulic maintenance, mechanics, aerospace and naval engineering, will be able to gain a practical understanding of hydraulics.

The advantage for students: they can interact with the hydraulics as if they were working on real machines from the manufacturers of industrial machinery and vehicles.

BHI4 bench

BHI4 bench

Fully modular and scalable.
Hydraulic training benches On/Off, proportional or combined, single or double-sided.

BHT3 bench

The fundamentals of a closed circuit.
Hydrostatic transmission bench ideal for mobile hydraulics training.

BHT3 bench
Aeronautical hydraulic bench

Aeronautical bench

Apprenticeship in aeronautical hydraulic maintenance
Aeronautical training bench designed to teach aeronautical maintenance and safety constraints related to aeronautical hydraulics.