Hydraulic didactic benches

Learning in a fun and practical way

hydraulic didactic benches
ID System Didactic offers highly innovative hydraulic didactic benches in correlation with market expectations and the needs of our customers: training professionals.

Moreover, students need to use standard components enabling them, on completion of their studies, to identify with ease all the products present on the market. This is why our didactic equipment is fitted with components of known brands, which are recognized and belonged to the latest generation.

shco v2 bench

SHCO bench

Understanding industrial and mobile hydraulics.
Open circuit training bench, On-Off and/or Proportional with PVG32.

SHCO 4.0 bench

Technology 4.0: the digital is here!
Connect directly to remote access from a Smartphone, a tablet or a PC!

shco 4.0 bench

We manage your projects from start to finish

We manage from concept, through manufacturing and final installation & commissioning of hydraulic power units and systems over a number of years. In that respect, we naturally duplicate our hydraulic know-how for the education sector.

Our training equipment is truly innovative and in total correlation with the technical applications and constraints required by our customers.

The aim is to answer the needs of teachers / trainers with a reliable, educational and recreational material. Students from many sectors related to the hydraulics: agro-equipment, agricultural machinery, hydraulic maintenance, mechanics, aerospace or naval … will therefore be able to learn hydraulics in a practical way.

The + for students: to interact on the hydraulic part like on real machines that they can find in the real industrial machinery and vehicle manufacturers.

bhi4 bench

BHI4 bench

Completely modular and upgradeable systeme.
On-Off, Proportional or Combined Single or double side training bench.

BHT3 bench

The fundamentals of a closed circuit.
The hydrostatic transmission bench BHT3 is intended for trainings in mobile hydraulics.

bht3 bench
hydraulic didactic bench for aeronautical maintenance

Didactic aeronautical bench

Learning the hydraulic aeronautical maintenance

The aeronautical hydraulic bench provides the best conditions to learners so as they understand the technical specificities and the safety constraints related to the hydraulic aeronautics.

Pedagogical folders included
Integrated software on some didactic equipments