Why ID System Didactic?

Mickaël, Industrial Director, presents ID System in a few words:

Our history

Designer of educational equipment since 2009

A little background

ID System was created in 2009 with the aim of offering a new generation of educational benches and a new, more fun and educational approach. They are designed for both theoretical and practical teaching.

A bridge between Industry and Education

Today, it’s very difficult to find immediately employable staff to meet our requirements. We offer the students who will be our future employees teaching benches that are very close to our traditional production processes.

Knowledge transfer

Our credo: to pass on our experience and technological knowledge so that our students, once they have completed their training, are in tune with today’s global hydraulics market.

Participate in a fun and educational way

Students easily grasp hydraulics as if they were in real-life conditions. The students
are formed from the same components found on equipment from the manufacturers of


Close-knit men and women at your service

ID System Didactic team


Why choose us?

Over the last few years, ID System has proven itself to be a leading manufacturer of educational equipment. We’ve designed the benches to give students a fun, hands-on approach to hydraulics. What’s more, most of our customers have been trained to use these machines at our training centers in France or on site in their own country.

We’ve built up a network of solid, reliable suppliers: EATON, LUEN, EMMEGI, HYPRO, CARDEV and many others. This pushes us forward to offer new products in a buoyant international market.

Active in research and development, we want to contribute to the industry of the future.

Are you interested in innovation?

We do. We’re focusing our efforts on designing the machines of tomorrow, and making it easier to learn hydraulics with increasingly innovative and educational equipment.

In fact, we are an official distributor of Automation Studio™ software in the southern part of France. Used by thousands of schools worldwide to train tomorrow’s technicians and engineers.


How can we help you?

We are pleased to provide you with :

Educational resources

  • Monthly articles: essential information on didactic equipment, hydraulics, filtration and pollution control solutions.
  • Practical guides to put an end to contamination of your fluids and make better use of teaching equipment: coming soon
  • Case studies: this section offers feedback from experience.

Global solutions

We cover a wide range of hydraulic trades:

  • Filtration, depollution and fluid purification systems
  • Standard and customized hydraulic power plants and systems
  • Hydraulic training benches and operating parts for industrial and mobile training applications


ID SYSTEM does more than just teach

ID System has been a member of CABSOC Group since November 2017.

ID System - Power station and industrial system

ID System has a number of activities, including the design and manufacture of hydraulic power units and systems for the industrial sector and for manufacturers of mobile machinery.

ID System Fluid - Industrial filtration

ID System also specializes in the filtration, depollution and purification of hydraulic oils and industrial and mobile fluids.

ID System Railway logo

ID System Railway designs and manufactures equipment dedicated to railway maintenance, including “AMF” (Aide à la Maintenance Ferroviaire) tools for the distribution, draining and filtration of all fluids, as well as for certain production operations.


We take part in the EDUSPOT and WORLDDIDAC trade fairs

We get involved in these major events and make our contribution. The organizers are offering exceptional conferences and workshops. All this in a warm, friendly atmosphere that encourages exchanges and encounters between all those involved.

Do you have questions or need advice? It’s also the ideal time and place to put all your questions to our specialists and meet us in Human to Human.

We devote our energies to manufacturing teaching equipment certified by the French Ministry of Education. The aim is to facilitate the work of training professionals and learners by offering equipment tailored to their needs.

How? Thanks, among other things, to the integration of Automation Studio™ educational software built into our hydraulic test benches like the SHCO 4.0.

They trust us

Schools, training centers, industrial companies…

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