Why ID System Didactic?

Mickaël, Industrial Director, introduce ID System in some words :

Our story

Creator of didactic equipment since 2009

For the anecdote

ID System was set up in 2009 with the aim of offering a new generation of didactic benches and a new, more recreational and pedagogical approach. These benches are designed for theoretical but above all hands-on teaching.

A gateway between Industry and Education

Today, it is very hard to find collaborators who are employable immediately to meet our requirements. We offer to students who, tomorrow, will be our future collaborators, didactic benches very similar to our traditional products.

Transmission of know-how

Our motto: Transmit our technological knowledge and experience so that students, on completion of their training, will be compatible with the current hydraulic market in its totality.

Participate in a recreational and pedagogical manner

Students grasp hydraulic notions with ease as though they were in real conditions.
Students are trained with same components that we find on manufacturers’ machine equipments.


Women and men at your service

team id system didactic


Why choose us?

ID System Didactic has proved its worth over recent years and is well known for the production of hydraulic training equipments. Our equipments are designed to learn hydraulics with fun, easy, practical way.

Moreover, most of our customers have been trained to use these machines at our training center in France or at their permises in their Countries.

Thanks to a strong and reliable partnership with suppliers as EATON, LUEN, EMMEGI, HYPRO, CARDEV and many more, we are able to move forward and offer new products in a promising international market.

Active in R&D, we wish to contribute to the industry of future.

Does innovation refer you? For us, yes! We focus our efforts on the design of the tomorrow’s machines.

We are officially distributors of the Automation Studio™ software to respond to educational projects in France. This software is used by thousands of schools throughout the world to train tomorrow’s technicians and engineers


How can we help you?

We are pleased to offer you:

Educational resources

  • Monthly articles: basic information on hydraulic, training equipments and filtration / de-pollution solutions.
  • Practical guides to remove the contamination from your fluids and how-to-use our training equipments: posted on-line shortly.
  • Case study examples: this section offers experience from our on-site commissioning and feedback from our customers

Global solutions

We cover an important part of the hydraulic field

  • Fluid filtration, de-pollution and purification systems
  • Hydraulic systems and HPU standard / Made-to-measure
  • Hydraulic training equipments for industrial & mobile hydraulics


ID SYSTEM cover an important part of the hydraulic field

Since November 2017, ID System joined Cabsoc Group.

ID System - Centrale et système industriel

We are specialized in the design and the manufacture of hydraulic power units, hydraulic systems and test benches. From standard production to manufacturing according to your specifications, we have the technical and human excellence to meet your needs and find solutions to your problems.

ID System Fluid - Filtration industrielle

We offer various technologies that we control for several years and which can meet all the needs of fluids applications : Reduction of solid pollution, obtaining and measuring cleanliness classes, monitoring and control, removal of water in all its forms or foreign oil regardless the volumes to be treated, decontamination of installation, hoses and pipes.


We participate in the EDUSPOT and WORLDDIDAC fairs

We are involved in these major events and thus too do our bit. The organisers propose exceptional workshops and conferences. All this in a warm and friendly environment, ideal for encouraging exchanges and meetings between all the stakeholders.

If you have queries or need advice, these fairs are also the ideal place and time to consult our specialists and meet up human to human.

We dedicate our energy to the manufacturing of certified didactic equipment for the French National Education system. Our aim is to facilitate the work of training professionals and learners by proposing equipment suited to their needs.

How exactly do we do this? One of the tools we use is the incorporation of the educational software Automation Studio™, integrated into our hydraulic didactic benches like the SHCO 4.0.

They trust us

We thank all our partners and collaborators, without their participation we would not be here today. Thank you for your precious support!

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