Hydraulic oil analysis kits and fluid conditioning

Sample. Analyse. Determine the correct cleanliness class.

hydraulic oil analysis kits

ID System Didactic proposes a complete range of equipment for hydraulic training. Analysis kits, particle counters and decontamination sets. Everything is provided to ensure your students practice and learn to conduct diagnostics as though they were in real-life situations.

These are the same tools used in industry and employed by our experts for filtering, decontamination and purification of fluids. A boon for students. They will understand the functionalities of each device and be able to conduct the right diagnostics on hydraulic installations in their future profession in Industry.

sampling kit id system

Sampling kit

Determine the correct cleanliness class.
The sampling kit includes the necessary tools to collect a sample of oil.

Oil Analysis kit

Sample. Analyse. Determine.
Oil Analysis Kit with filtration system and digital microscope.

oil analysis kit id system
particle counter chp2o po

Particle counters CPH2O-PO

Simple and rapid diagnosis of particulate contamination.
Portable Water & particle counter.

Off line Filtration station GFM40

Cleanliness levels quickly achieved.
The GFM40 mobile unit allows the transfer and filtration of Hydraulic fluids.
It can be customized to the color of your choice.

gfm40 cph2o po

An oil analysis. A result. An action.

The hydraulic oil analysis kits can be supplied with our didactic benches or our operative parts and didactic systems. However, they can also be sold separately.

Do you want to teach your students how to analyse hydraulic oil and to achieve a cleanliness class level? We manufacture our decontamination sets and procure analysis kits and cases from reliable partners, recognised in their field.

The right circuit oil diagnostic is essential to avoid failures and pointless maintenance costs.