Industry proportional kit id system

Industry Proportional kit – ​Digital version

Digital amplifier card Open and/or closed loop.

Product description

An additional advantage for students

This kit completing the SHCO 4.0 bench allows students to understand proportional hydraulics in both open and closed loop.

This kit contains a 4/3 valve with proportional action and a proportional pressure limiter.

These 2 Cétop 3 components are controlled by a SD7 WANFLUH digital regulation card with the PASO programming software.

This kit is connected directly to the bench by means of electrical cables with double sink terminals and a HARTING type industrial connector for the 24 Vdc power supply.

Possible control loops:

  • Pressure control in open loop
  • Speed control in open loop on the double-action cylinder
  • Speed control in open loop on the motor
  • Servo system in position on the double-action cylinder
  • Speed system control on the motor

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