DEWA Academy invests to train young Emiratis in hydraulics


Industry and institutions are facing or will face the challenge of finding the relevant skills they need to continue to grow and improve their organizations.

In a working environment where young and old alike can easily change jobs for better pay or to gain new experience, employers should try to attract and retain talent. One way of doing this is to offer employees regular training sessions to increase their skills, knowledge and learning facility.

The advantage is twofold: the new skills acquired through training will not encourage employees to change jobs, and the company will ensure that its workforce is up to date with the latest technologies. This situation is exacerbated in hydraulic applications. Hydraulic talents have become golden nuggets (as welders or computer scientists), but most of them are Baby-boomers, which means they will be retiring in the coming years, further exacerbating the shortage.

A prestigious Middle Eastern institution, DEWA, has clearly identified this situation and taken important decisions.

Dewa stands for “Dubai Electricity and Water Authority”. Formed on January 1, 1992 by the late Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the company supplies electricity and water to Dubai’s 1.6 million inhabitants.

DEWA Academy premises in Dubai

In line with the vision of HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, and under the impetus of Dewa MD & CEO Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, the prestigious DEWA institution is collecting trophies and awards: it has succeeded in reducing power, transmission and distribution to 3.3% compared with 6 to 7% in Europe or the USA. For water distribution, the results are even better: losses are down by 8.0% compared with 15% in the USA.


The new projects are similar to Dubai’s expansion: booming. The M-Station extension will increase its capacity to 2,760 MW in 2018. DEWA’s total capacity will then reach 10,000 MW of electricity and 470 million imperial gallons per day of desalinated water to meet rapidly expanding demand. Thanks to its rapid development and efficiency, DEWA will contribute to the great success of ” World Expo 2020 ” in Dubai.

But DEWA is not only satisfied with this success, the Management has decided to provide young Emiratis with a modern Training Center, capable of providing skills (theoretical and practical) that are in short supply: electrical, welding, pneumatics, hydraulics…

Getting started with DEWA Academy teachers



ID System and BCL, our partner in the United Arab Emirates, have been selected to supply Dewa Academy with 4 hydraulic training benches that will enable trainers to teach hydraulics in a modern, practical way.

The 2 ingredients for success are now present: people and knowledge. The new Dewa Academy will enhance the overall knowledge of current and future Dewa employees, particularly in hydraulic applications.

The four benches supplied by ID System consist of an SHCO V1 bench, an SHCO 4.0 (connected bench) and two operating parts: a telescopic crane equipped with a PLC and a crane equipped with a manual control to be connected to the SHCO.

DEWA hydraulic trainer commissioned in Dubai

We train mechanical teachers (Prof. Adam Haron, Prof. Mohamed Abu-Atiyeh, Prof. Mohamed Hefnawy and Prof. Imabong Ekwere) on these hydraulic training benches.

Thank you to the teachers and thank you Mr. Khalid Bin Masood (General Manager of Dewa Academy) for your welcome and your trust!

Thanks also to the BCL team: Mr Ravi Venugopal, Mr Mohammed Nizam and Mr Muhammad Meraj Uddin for your cooperation!

Certificates awarded to DEWA Academy teachers

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