Why use an in-house design department to design a trainer?

timeBelow the didactic equipment lies a titanic feat of engineering. It’s hard to imagine all the work and energy that goes into designing machines that will be used by learners and trainers/teachers.

Every day, these engineers come up with new concepts or improve existing plants to make them even more educational and efficient.

A design office can be outsourced or brought in-house for greater responsiveness. This depends on a number of factors, but the aim is to keep costs under control. In this article, we’ll explain whyID System should have an in-house design office.


The services that revolve around a design office

ID System Didactic has been designing training benches and operating parts for over 10 years. The design office was staffed by a single person before gradually evolving into a central department.

For an industrial company like ours to develop its business, we need technical sales staff to collect customer requirements and manage orders, hydraulic engineers in the workshop to design hydraulic training benches, and electrical technicians to design and build power and control cabinets.

But as you can see, without the skills to draw up plans, ID System would come to a standstill.


What does an industrial design office look like?

ID System’s design office is made up of a team of 4 people with real expertise in the design of both industrial and educational hydraulic systems. Not to mention the support of our project managers, who are also involved in the design of new equipment. It’s a real team effort. And this service increases as our business grows.

Today, there are :

  • 3 to CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and hydraulic diagramming,
  • 1 to electrical diagramming and industrial automation.

ID System Didactic design team

From specification to shipment, you can rely on our experienced team. And even after you’ve received your machine.

For our studies, we also call on the mutual skills of the Cabsoc Group (to which we belong) to realize the feasibility of your complex projects. And we intend to provide mechatronic solutions (a discipline combining mechanics, electronics and IT to design industrial production systems) with industrial automation and IT.

But a design office can’t function on its own, just as the rest of the production chain can’t function without a design office. That’s why the design engineer always works in synergy with the workshop to ensure that the project is feasible. And for even more rigorous follow-up, our team at the design office creates all technical documentation and user manuals.


What are the real benefits for you?

Depending on your curriculum and training program, our team creates 3D designs using the latest versions of SolidWorks (proprietary 3D computer-aided design software), to match your requirements as closely as possible. Our Laurent draughtsman can give you a realistic impression by creating movements for housings, cylinders and other parts.

Of course, everything is done in our workshops, from electrical cabinets and wiring to design and testing.

The fact that we have an integrated design office means we can be much more reactive, flexible and agile in the study of your projects, and therefore take the time you need to design a new teaching tool.

The big advantage for you is that you can communicate with a single ID System contact. In this case, exchanges are more constructive and there’s no loss of information.


Start-up on your premises

Hydraulic didactic equipment start-up

We don’t leave you in the lurch once the equipment has been delivered. Damien, one of BE’s technicians and a trainer, visits your facilities to train training professionals in the use of our educational equipment. Our technicians will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have in the months following start-up.

And if you’d like to find out exactly how a trainer is set up, we’ve covered that in detail in another blog post.

Did you know? Let us know in the comments section.

Author Mickaël Langlais

Written by Mickaël Langlais

As Business Manager at ID System, I help training professionals define their didactic equipment needs. I keep a close eye on technological developments to design tomorrow’s teaching materials. Let’s be proactive in an evolving market.

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