Why exhibit at Eduspot like an industrial?

You are a director delegated to professional and technological training?

You are a teacher?

You are a student?

And you would like to know why you should attend the Edupost fair?

I will now explain this to you.

Why should you participate in the EDUSPOT fair?

why exhibit eduspot

What exactly is this fair?

Eduspot is a French and international event organised by and for industrial firms in the Digital Education sector, in a prestigious place: the Palais des Congrès in Paris. In 2019,this fair will be held in Lyon.

This fair is proof of the determination and ambition of industrial firms to federate the sector’s stakeholders around a shared vision: the enhancement and development of the continuous vocational training and digital education sector.

It is the meeting place of all those working in e-education, e-training and e-technology in primary, secondary and higher education, vocational training, and lifelong training.

Who is the organiser?

This event is organised, among others, by the French Association of Digital Education and Training Industrial Firms (AFINEF: Association Française des Industriels du Numérique de l’Éducation et de la Formation) and the Alliance Didactiqueof which we are a member, with the support of the French Ministry of Education, the academic digital referents, and the collaborators of the Réseau Canopé…

What are the figures?

The 1st edition welcomed nearly 7,000 unique visitors, 100 exhibitors and 165 participants, French and overseas. A splendid success that convinced the organisers to prepare a 2nd, even more exceptional, edition.

Why should you attend?

Unlike the 1st edition, the 2nd edition promises opportunities for discussions, work meetings, workshops, public and private conferences, and exhibition spaces arounddigital education. All this in a warm and friendly environment, ideal for encouraging exchanges and meetings between all the stakeholders.

Why does ID System exhibit at EDUSPOT?

As an exhibitor of and specialist in the design and production of certified hydraulic didactic benches for the French National Education system, we wish to be involved in this major event and to make our own contribution to the digital education sector.

automation studio eduspot

What did we exhibit?

As you are aware, we design didactic equipment used to tackle all technologies, open and closed circuits, On/Off hydraulics, and proportional hydraulics.

For the past few years, we have integrated pedagogical software and tools reputed worldwide for technical and professional training and intended for all levels (higher and university education and adult training centres).

Since January 2018, we are officially distributors of the Automation Studio™ software to respond to educational projects in France.

Integrated software on some didactic equipments

We have presented our didactic bench SHCO 4.0, which benefits from this software. Used by thousands of schools throughout the world to train tomorrow’s technicians and engineers, it groups learning solutions for the following technologies: mechatronics, automation, electrical and hydraulic-pneumatic.

We innovate to satisfy specific needs

This is one of the main reasons for our participation in EduSpot in March 2018 in Paris. As stakeholder in the development of the sector, it provided the opportunity to present new products such as our hydraulic didactic assembly specially developed for the aeronautical sector.

This bench consists of an aeronautic control desk (PCAv1)with ECAM PLC, a landing gear Operative Part (POTAv1 – aim: visualise the operating principle oflanding gear) and/or a Flap Operative Part (POVv1 – aim: visualise the operation of a flap), and of a group of services for filling, filtering and pressurising.

You would like to participate?

Nothing could be simpler. It is free of charge for:

  • Personnel of the French Education system, Higher Education and Research
  • Elected representatives and local authority personnel

Use the comments space if you have any queries.

Auteur Mickaël Langlais
Written by Mickaël Langlais

Industrial Director at ID System, I help training professionals define their didactic equipment needs. I carry out a technological watch in order to design tomorrow’s pedagogical equipment. Let’s be proactive on a changing marketplace.

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