Hannover Messe: The strategic issues for a French industrial company

The Hannover Messe, one of the world’s largest trade fairs makes new links within the global industry.

This year the Hannover Messe is dedicated to the Integrated Industry commonly known as Industry 4.0. It is the first international hub for all professionals looking for new industrial technologies.

The 4th industrial revolution is active and the Hannover Messe intends to prove to all industrial players the advantages of Integrated Technologies and Predictive Maintenance. These allow companies to update their production methods and improve the work quality of their employees.

In addition, the main theme of this time is “Integrated Industry – Creating Value”. In other words: “An integrated industry is a source of value creation”. The Hannover Messe will drive this development even further with more than 400 concrete applications.

Retrospective analyses of Hannover Messe 2016 and 2017

For the year of 2015, Hannover Messe was supported by more than 6 500 exhibitors, 220 000 visitors and 2 500 journalists from around the world. It was about the same in 2016 with nearly 191 000 visitors. These impressive numbers highlight the desire of industry professionals to attend this major event. Many exchanges, meetings and business opportunities are created thanks to this organization.

why exhibit hannover messe

Why visit Hannover Messe?

Hannover Messe is the World Summit for industry. It is no longer a secret.

All sectors of industrial technology will be present, from robotics to predictive maintenance through intelligent materials and components.

The organizers expect a greater success this year. There will be as many exhibitors ready to show the world their innovations to shape the industrial future.

Moreover, more than 5 million contacts are created at each edition, which shows real potential for new business. Nearly 95% of the professional visitors to the exhibition have precise objectives (purchases, partnerships, collecting information for potential market …).

ID System Didactic was there for you!

We were present in 2017 and it was a huge success. The exchanges of information and know-how were numerous, which were very stimulating and enriching.

This exhibition has a great interest for us because it is possible to reach our target customers and world-renowned interlocutors. So why not go for it?

Faced with increasingly important stakes, this exhibition has become for us a big display to the world. If we want to understand and predict the industrial world in the future, we must bring new technical solutions.

new products hannover messe

That is what we are planning to do. We presented, for the first time, to all the professional visitors our Equipment for Hoses Decontamination. This true concentrate of advanced technologies is never seen before in the industry and especially in the field of oil hydraulics.

Moreover, our expertise extends to Fluid Conditioning, Hydraulic systems & HPU and hydraulic trainings. We export didactic equipments for industrial and mobile hydraulic trainings all over the world. We also offer innovative filtration and decontamination solutions to avoid breakdowns, increase system reliability and reduce operating costs.

During the Hannover Messe Showtime, you also saw our most advanced hydraulic training bench SHCO 4.0, which integrates a new generation of PLC with digital screen. The hydraulic functions can be controlled mechanically but also remotely via a Smartphone, a Tablet or a Computer. Industry 4.0 takes on its full meaning here.

Let us forge our future today!

Auteur Thierry Vernay
Written by Thierry Vernay

Specialist in fluid filtering, decontamination and purification solutions at ID System Fluid, I find solutions for all your complex technical problems.

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